Today’s world seems to reward the loudest talkers and the people who get things done the fastest. We’ve forgotten that there are benefits to speaking with quiet conviction and taking care with a task.  Finding quiet moments to reflect on life, have deep discussions and be creative is hard. On top of that sometimes caring too much about something is somehow looked down upon.

I want to take the time to create, to listen to the crickets, to do a task once and well, rather than quickly. That’s hard to do in the midst of quick turn around deadlines, cranky folks in lines at the store and a sense that if something can’t be fixed immediately then it’s not worth the time. Some of my fondest memories are those lazy afternoons spent writing angst-filled poems as a teenager, or tinkering around on a project that never quite got finished. Most would see this time spent as wasted, a useless effort on things unaccomplished. But there is beauty to be found in the poems, and silent moments spent working beside someone, in the messed up workings of your own mind and in reading a really excellent (or even a really terrible) book. Find some time today to step outside the chaos of deadlines and the noise of the television. Listen to nature, talk one on one with a friend, read a book, work on that crafty project, take the time to learn something new, do something that feeds your soul and not the sound of the loud, loud world.



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