Connection Disconnect

Phone PicMost days I crave my alone time. The best part of my day is when I drive away from the pressures and people of work and get to be blissfully silent. My job involves dealing with coworkers and the public almost constantly and as an introvert I need my down time to recharge and build up my defenses against the onslaught of the world’s demands on my energy.

However, some days, like today. I crave a connection. Just a voice on the other end of a phone call or a cuddle on the couch. The problem is that even though I crave this it is so difficult to reach out. And when I do and the phone isn’t answered or my friends are too busy I feel such rejection that it just reinforces that hermit desire to hole up again and not need people.

What do you do when you need to reach out or once you do you immediately want to retreat again? Even from people you absolutely love and enjoy. This is a continuing struggle for some of us. If you know someone like me please don’t mistake the withdrawal for a lack of caring and if you are someone like me, well, let’s keep trying.


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